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Create High Quality Icons From Images is a free online portable icon conversion software and favicon generator, it allows to make a single or multiple-size icon from png, gif, jpg and bmp format, or extract all the frames inside an icon to separate images.

This online icon maker supports multiple image formats / sizes / color depths / profiles. It can create a Windows 7/Vista style icon which contains the compressed PNG image while still works on Windows XP.

It also allows to extract all the pictures in a multi-size( 16x16 to 256x256 pixels ), multiple color depths( 32 bits/pixel PNG[ RGB+Alpha ], 32 bits/pixel[ bmp ], 24 bits/pixel, 8 bits/pixel, etc. ) icon to individual images.

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Select an input file and choose a profile for the output file, press the "Convert Now!" button, then the output images or icon will be shown here, click the link to download the images or icon directly.